The 3D Printing Boom Begins – This Christmas!

There’s a new player on the holiday gift scene. The 3D printing industry is set to take this holiday’s shoppers by storm.

Changing Technologies, Inc. (CHGT) is prepared for burgeoning stocks as the season sets in. According to CHGT CEO Omar T. Durham, “2014 might just be remembered as the first 3D Printed Christmas. Further validating mainstream acceptance of the cutting-edge technology, the White House even hosted its first-ever 3D-Printed Ornament Challenge!”

Clearly the popularity of 3D printing has spread to the highest levels of our society, and the economy reflects this: the 3D printing market is forecast to grow over 500% in the next 5 years, and should reach $3.8 billion this year alone.

A new company focused on bringing emerging technologies to consumers, Changing Technologies Inc. aims to be a forward-thinking organization looking to market the next, best thing in developing sciences. They have recently created a new subsidiary, 6th Dimension Technologies, for just this purpose and are forecasting further growth as the 3D printing market continues to expand.

CHGT is currently leveraging global demand for 3D printing consumer items as well as other growing technology areas, and already stands alongside companies such as Voxeljet, ExOne and Arcam AB.

On, Stephanie Santoso stated that “3D printers are now available for about the cost of a laptop, and in some cases even less. “One of the biggest benefits of the technology lies in the fact that alterations can be quickly and cheaply made to the shape of an object.” This opportunity for creativity through industry has spread to the White House and beyond, making 3D printing a powerful market which will stand the test of consumer interest.

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