3D Scanners Will Impact Development and Prototyping

If you’re a product developer or if your business is in the stages of prototyping, then there’s some good news for you in the world of 3D modeling.

New Low Cost Of 3D Scanners
3D scanners are not only becoming less and less expensive, but they are also becoming more and more user-friendly. A 3D scanner is a technical instrument that is able to digitally analyze either an object or its surroundings; that digitized information is then transferred to a computer where the object or environment is rendered into a 3D model. Newer 3D scanners are able to be easily integrated with most types of computers and tablets, making quick imaging technology available for everyone.

Quicker 3D Modeling and Prototyping
To render a 3D object without the use of a 3D scanner would call for it to be painstakingly developed using CAD (computer aided design) software. However, 3D scanners have opened up the world of product development, prototyping, and 3D design in general. Modern 3D scanners have drastically reducing the amount of time and effort it would take to manually design an object in 3D for production. In addition, this quick imaging technology means that prototyping on a 3D printer just became much quicker.

Saving Time Means Saving Money
The time-saving benefits of 3D scanners are only one part of the equation. By utilizing quicker 3D modeling you are then able to increase your rate of production. This case is also more economic for an individual or business prototyping on a 3D printer. Rather than having to outsource the modeling and printing of your prototype at an inflated cost, businesses can now render and 3D print prototypes themselves at a much more economical rate.

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