Avegant Glyph Mobile Theater is a Breed Apart


One of the more recent products to emerge from the Kickstarter world is the Avegant Glyph Mobile Theater, an interesting set of headphones where the headband flips down to serve as a virtual reality screen.

The latest in a line of mobile virtual reality headsets, the multimedia Glyph is unlike the gaming-oriented Occulus Rift or SteamVR headsets and is being designed for the masses. However, priced at $500, it is definitely a bit of an investment for the average user.

The technology behind the headset’s operation is fascinating. Rather than an image being projected on a screen in front of the eye, the image is beamed directly to the eye, creating sharp, stark images the developers say is unlike anything you’ve seen before. According to the company, “You get noise cancellation headphones when you’re just listening, and razor-sharp, vivid, hi-def, 3D-capable video when you want to watch.”

With an initial goal of $250,000, the headset raised a total of $1,509,506 from 3,331 backers.
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