Up For Bid: CIA’s Osama Bin Laden Action Figure

Only a few days left to get your very own, one-of-a-kind, Osama bin Laden doll – designed exclusively for the CIA!

That’s right: In 2005, the Central Intelligence Agency, with the help of G.I. Joe creator and former Hasbro exec Donald Levine, produced 3 action figures of Osama bin Laden with the assistance of some of Levine’s toy manufacturing contacts in China. The intent was to mass produce them and give them to children in Afghanistan. The idea behind project “Devil Eyes”, was to attempt to influence Afghan children into rejecting Al Qaeda and similar terrorist groups.

This type of project, known as an “influence mission” has been a staple in the CIA’s operations for decades. The purpose of these missions is to either win the hearts of the local populace or to turn their minds against a specific ideology.

While the CIA claims that only three prototypes were produced, the Washington Post claims to have seen a doll that was allegedly one of hundreds of the dolls manufactured as a pre-production run by a Chinese manufacturer.

The doll is 12″ tall, dressed in a removable white robe, and comes with a removable head. The first head is a normal depiction of Osama bin Laden, while the replacement head is a depiction of a demonic bin Laden with red skin, black facial markings like tattoos, and some very menacing emerald green eyes.

Of the 3 that are known to exist, one is definitely up for sale. Nate D. Sanders, auctioneers for fine autographs and memorabilia, has the doll currently up for auction on their website. The auction currently has only 1 bidder for the doll and the bid is $2500.

So if you’re into this sort of thing for personal reasons or for a potential long-term investment, visit Nate D. Sanders, Auctioneers on the web and you could have this one of a kind piece for your collection.


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