Disney’s “MagicBand” Improves Theme Park Experience

As wireless technology and data systems continue to improve, many have worked on ways to apply these tools to enhance customer experiences. Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida has come up with a new wristband to be used in its parks that may shed some light on some exciting uses for this technology.

magicband2Dubbed “MagicBand,” the RFID-equipped wristband helps visitors experience a more intuitive and convenient stay at the theme park. Users register online in advance and get their wristbands through the mail before their trip. The wristbands have been designed to hold any data a visitor may need while at the park. Placing wristbands to sensors, both of which sport matching Mickey designs, opens up the theme park’s many offerings – but with a twist.

From the start of your visit, you can use the wristband to get to your hotel room via the Disney shuttle, comfortable in the knowledge that your luggage is being shuttled right behind you. The bands will contain your ticket info as well as credit card info to facilitate purchases. Certain restaurants on-site can identify you through the chip and deliver your pre-ordered menu items without having to ask who you are.

This kind of dynamic data system is on the cutting edge of how companies relate to their customers. Disney has maintained its secrecy about how it plans to use this technology, but many have speculated that it will help streamline access to rides, suggest rides with shorter lines, or even pinpoint the location of lost children. For example, Disney can trace customers through the park to see which activities attract them at a particular time. Similarly, a family stuck in a long line might suddenly find a voucher for a nearby snack to make the wait more enjoyable.

Because the wristbands have been built with multiple uses in mind, with batteries that last around two years, Disney may also choose to incorporate these technologies into their other business ventures to provide customers with more real-time information during their trips.

While Disney is pioneering this technology, others are almost certainly devising their own plans to make use of hyper-local data to streamline their customer experiences.


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