Flying Car to Hit Market in 2017

The October 2014 unveiling of a vehicle prototype by Slovakian company AeroMobil has been grabbing a lot of attention. In a world where the world’s most advanced auto makers are showing off some of the coolest vehicle prototypes in modern automotive history, this one is….different. It FLIES!

Yes, you read that correctly. The long-awaited flying car is about to hit the marketplace and, for a mere several hundred thousand dollars (actual pricing has not yet been released), you can own one!

Dubbed AeroMobil 3.0, the vehicle hits the market in 2017 and looks exactly like what it is; a hybrid of private airplane and performance sports car. On a single tank of gas, the vehicle has a range of 545 miles on the ground or 435 miles in the air. It speeds along the roads at  up to 99 mph and can hit a top speed of 124 mph in flight. The AeroMobil can take off and land in any flat grass field (it needs only 650 feet for takeoff and 160 feet when landing), negating the need for airports.


The carbon fiber vehicle drives the streets with its wings tucked in and, when put into flying mode, the wings unfold and, in virtually no time at all, it is soaring leisurely over the world below.

AeroMobil executives have begun sharing their vision for this prototype. CEO and co-founder, Juraj Vaculik, speaking about the future of flying cars, predicted that these vehicles would easily merge with existing transportation systems and achieve better efficiency, making travel over moderate distances much less tasking. Vaculik also mentioned a self-flying car being a possible future advancement.

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