Skrillex Live Phone Cases Are The Next Step in Smartphone Tech


skrillex smartphone cases

DJ and music producer Sonny Moore loves smartphones and all the gadgets that come with them. That’s why he, Android, and Google have teamed up to bring us a new generation of phone cases.

Moore—also known as Skrillex—is merely the initial partner in Google’s new line of Edition cases for Android phones. The idea behind the cases was simple, yet like nothing we’ve seen before in smartphone tech. They aimed to create a small, limited collection of smart cases for your smartphone.

Each Skrillex Live Case is individually numbered, bears a print of the artist’s signature on the inside, and uses near field communication (NFC) to link itself to your phone, and yours alone. Your phone will know exactly which case it wears and will be able to receive content to match. A completely customizable shortcut button connects you to your favorite apps with a single touch.

For the visual design, the partners settled on the theme of space. The three cases have a spacey, ‘the future is now’ meets ‘glory of the mid-1990s’ look to them (a smiling alien head, some robot machinery, the apparent inner workings of a microchip). They’re fun designs, but certainly scream ‘I’m a Skrillex fan!’.

One of the more exciting features of the limited edition cases involves the thirteen different satellites Google launched for this special occasion. The satellites gathered images while dancing around in the atmosphere for five hours. These images became the slideshow type wallpapers each case equips your phone with. At night, the image changes to a star map that shows the night sky over your location.

And naturally, purchasing a Skrillex Live Case will also give you VIP access to Skrillex content, including videos, photographs, and much more.

“We’re constantly making videos, and taking photos, and making sounds. …So we’ll be sending random treats to the case that no one else will get.”

—Sonny Moore, a.k.a. Skrillex

Google hopes its partnership with Skrillex will open the path to collaborations with other artists. We already know that more Edition partners are coming, though they have yet to be named. The Skrillex Live Cases are available in limited quantities, and on sale now through the Google store. They’re selling for $40, and are so far only available for the Nexus 6 phones.


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