Smart Bed for Kids Monitors Sleep, Keeps Monsters Away

Bedtime of the Future Has Arrived
sleepIQSleep Number just introduced its latest product at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas, that product being a bed that monitors the sleep patterns and sleep quality of children. The high-tech creation, dubbed the SleepIQ Kids bed, is based on the Sleep Number x12 smart bed for adults. Not only does the bed monitor the child’s sleep cycle, but it also determines whether diet, stress, and activity are adversely affecting the quality of sleep received.

How on Earth does this thing work?

How does the SleepIQ Kids bed work? Hidden within the bed are tiny sensors that use “digital-signal capture” from within the mattress as well as processing motion and pressure. Factoring in the child’s breathing and heart-rate – also monitored throughout the night – the SleepIQ provides what is called a “SleepIQ score” ranging from 1 to 100, with 100 being the ideal for a good night’s rest.

Something For Both the Parents and Kids Alike

In addition to monitoring sleep, the bed also offers a number of features, attractive to both parents and children. Accessible by Android app or computer, a “sleep dashboard” lets parents remotely check on their child. Among  many useful monitoring functions, it will indicate when the child I gotten out of bed, a great safety feature benefiting parents of children who tend to “wander” at night. Parents also have the ability to remotely control some of the bed’s features, including turning off the bed’s reading lights when it’s time for bed. The bed also tilts to make bedtime reading – or breathing through stuffy noses – that much more comfortable.

So, when can you get your child’s SleepIQ bed? Expect arrival in the United States later this year, with the SleepIQ Kids bed’s starting price hovering around $1,000. It will be available in twin, full, and queen sizes.

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