3D Printing and the Cloud Level the Playing Field for Small Business

A 3D printed sphere
3D printing with cloud technology

The small business is on the rise thanks to unexpected help from technological advancements like 3D printing and cloud computing benefits. 3D printing is helping some business owners grow and expand their products thanks to the innovative and quick design process supplied by these technologies. While many small businesses thrive in relationships with contract manufacturing partners, the 3D printing cloud offers a viable in-house alternative.

An innovator can mock up a prototype and have it printed in a short amount of time. They are then able to test it on the market to see if it solves anyone’s problems. A product that can be created without having to worry if an order will be correct is a godsend for many business owners who lack the capital for a larger factory order. Instead, they can custom make and modify orders as they come. This keeps costs low and orders well in line for business.

All they need to do is front the cost for the software and 3D printing machine—which is worth the investment if their business takes off. This keeps them competitive with bigger companies without worrying about cost ratio and markups. All they need is a viable product, a great website, and some solid marketing to really give the an edge in their specific market.

Basic 3D printing for businesses does not cost much if they plan on using the printer to create high volume products over a long period of time. It is surely better than relying on a factory in Asia to make subpar products that may never get sold. A 3D printer gives small businesses the ability to create their products when a customer orders the specific product. They can also create different prototypes of the product to best determine the ideal shape, size and style of the specified item. 3D printing will change the face of how a small business works for the better. However, this would not be possible if it were not for cloud computing.

The cloud is also an important aspect of small businesses because it allows them to use 3D printing without using large amounts of data on their server. Their intellectual property is protected online, and the cloud computing benefits keep their server from being overloaded with material. A specific cloud for 3D printing can hold all the information they need such as the prototype creation or the prototype design. This is a must for small companies that need the technology without the upkeep to do it.

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