Making Waves: The Computer That Runs on Water

water drop
water drop

Manu Prakash, an Indian-born scientist currently working at Stanford University has already amazed the world in the past by building a microscope made completely of paper. Now the Meerut native has revolutionized science with a new computer innovation: a water based computer.

Meet The New Stanford Water Computer

This incredible new water computer has already taken the world of science by storm, but Manu Prakash claims that his major innovations are yet to come. Still, this new water based computer clock certainly deserves to be counted among them. Prakash, working with the help of two of his more advanced students, has once again achieved a major scientific and technological breakthrough using the most unlikely of resources.

How The Water Computer Works

What the Indian scientist has achieved is a fully organic computer system in which nearly microscopic droplets of water are trapped in a specially constructed magnetic field. When this artificially constructed magnetic field is rotated at a certain preset degree or angle, the droplets that comprise the inner workings of this water droplet computer move in a precise direction. This becomes the basis of a revolutionary new computer clock system.

Why Does A Computer Need A Clock?

Prakash has not only demonstrated the ability to devise a computer out of seemingly incongruous ingredients, but has also shown the way forward to creating an in-built computer clock that is destined to leave scientists gasping, while perhaps causing casual onlookers to wonder what all the fuss is about. Why does a computer need a logical and reliable clock, other than to allow buyers to know what time it is?

The simple truth is that clocks, especially those built into modern computers, power nearly every piece of modern technology that can be named, from DVR’s, iPhones, Androids, and computer gaming systems, all the way up to more crucial implements such as; cars, military vehicles, and airplanes. Without a clock to synchronize the digital activity of any electronic device, they would soon fall into disastrous disharmony and thus be rendered completely useless.

The New Computer Water Clock Is Breaking Big

Prakash’s amazing new water clock is huge news precisely for this reason. By inventing a water computer, he has shown the way toward utilizing organic, completely safe, and toxin free components to make increasingly more complex and important technological devices. Such inventions could prove to have a huge impact on the environment. Promoting ecologically friendly technology is thus a major accomplishment in and of itself.


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