Easy Button Move Over, This One Has Pizza!

Ordering pizza has always been easy. Everyone can do it: harried parents, busy multitaskers, children, and even the heavily inebriated. But what if it was as simple as pressing a button?

La Comanda, an Italian start up company, has provided the answer. Introducing the future of pizza orders everywhere: the Click’N’Pizza. The Click’N’Pizza is a large, round magnetic button that you can place on your fridge. Once pushed, it sends your favorite pizza order to your favorite pizza place and a pizza is sent to your house.

Simple as that.

04CEO and Founder of La Comanda, Carlo Brianza, is passionate about pizza and simplicity. “I can order my favorite pizza with one click,” he said, holding down a checkered button. “This is the real one click,” he added. “Not the Web one click.”

The circular button connects to your Wi-Fi to send orders electronically and has a battery that lasts up to 10 days. It is rechargeable via a micro USB cable. Pushing the Click’N’Pizza is reminiscent of the Staples Easy button (an obvious predecessor).

The button stores your address, contact and payment information which is entered beforehand. Once your basic information is programmed, you can enter up to four of your favorite pizza orders. The number one selection can be chosen with a simple push of the button. The other options can be selected via a click wheel, like an iPod. Once you’ve made your selection, hold down the button and an exuberant “Pizza is coming!” message lets you know that pizza is on it’s way.

The Click’N’Pizza button was introduced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. On March 2nd, La Comanda announced a partnership with Pizza Hut in North America. Pizza Hut branded buttons will appear in select locations this summer. If The Hut isn’t your favorite chain, have no fear; Brianza has stated that more partnerships are coming.

Click’N’Pizza is only just the beginning of the one-click empire Brianza has planned. The possibilities include: Click’N’Taxi to call the local car service; Click’N’Coffee to restock on your favorite coffee pods; even Click’N’Fedex to summon the delivery guy when you have a package to be delivered. Plans include an idea to team with an online food delivery service, which would allow you to choose any restaurant you prefer and store your favorite takeout order on the button, as well.

Of course, whether or not any of this actually happens will depend on the market’s desire for whimsy. There is no doubt the button is a little faster than ordering a pizza via smartphone or laptop, and it’s definitely more fun. But how much will people be willing to pay for the novelty of smashing a button for fast pizza? Prices have yet to be announced for the partnership with Pizza Hut, however the buttons are expected to be released as part of a test phase this summer.

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