Improving an Existing Product

Developing the next generation of a product can be daunting for a company already operating at full capacity.  DCI Engineering has experience analyzing existing designs to identify necessary improvements for next generation products.  The strategic prototyping process employed by DCI  minimizes the total cost of  product development by optimizing production processes for cost reduction, while maintaining high build quality.  Partnering with the experts at DCI ensures that all design and prototyping needs will be met for rapid completion of an improved next generation product.

EMC Corporation is a leading global technology company that develops, delivers, and supports information infrastructure and  technologies and solutions.  They were under strict time constraints to due a predetermined global launch date.  They asked DCI to improve the design for manufacturing, reducing the unit cost, adding features, and preparing it for  scaled manufacturing.  The project was completed before the deadline, exceeding EMC Corporation’s expectations in terms of quality and cost.

Having a 100% secure environment is paramount in order to protect intellectual property.  DCI works with each company to ensure that all documentation regarding ownership is filed in a timely and complete manner.  DCI operates in a high security location in Massachusetts and all information stays onsite.  You can be assured that your ideas, the minute they are share with DCI, are protected by a team of knowledgeable data security experts.

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